Spa Ceylon Rewards

ShareWellness is an innovative new mobile application which will now enable consumers to share wellness treatments and promote wellbeing at Spa Ceylon outlets across the country.

The paperless system benefits businesses, giving them the opportunity to offer the gift of wellness to associates, partners, employees, family & friends, adding convenience at the touch of a button. The ShareWellness app offers many additional psychological and health benefits of being bestowed the gifts of wellbeing that conventional gifting cannot provide. ShareWellness is developed primarily as a B2B platform, with special appeal to corporates who engage in workplace wellness programs with the intent to de-stress employees and adopt recognition initiatives as a means to incentivise and motivate, or recognize key milestones in an associates corporates journey. It has after all been proven that the key to company productivity is the physiological wellbeing of its team. The ShareWellness app enables corporate packages worth over Rs 100,000 upwards, with the added benefit of up to 25% of the value in bonus credit to subscribers.

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