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As Pliny the Elder famously said “Home is where the heart is” and indeed, for most of us, home is our sanctuary; the place we come to for shelter, security, peace of mind, rest, acceptance and the place that more often than not, contains the people we love the most.

As such, we did not forget the importance of bringing the healing properties of our products into your living spaces. Our LIVING range encompasses not only products that have an aromaveda benefit but also make beautiful and exotic visual additions to your decor.

The LIVING Aromaveda Collection includes our range of 17 essential oils and blends.

Ode to the Ocean

The ocean is a vast and glorious unknown – stretching far and deep, its immense aquamarine glory an eternal mystery. Our Ocean Treasures Collection celebrates the solemn beauty of the sea visually, while also lauding two unique therapeutic fragrances – Lemongrass and Cinnamon.

Our Living range is not just for your home; carry our fragrances into your other important spaces – use them to enhance your focus, productivity and creativity at work, take them on your travels to relax and restore your mind, or gift them to those you love to bring them the benefits that only Aromaveda can offer.