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It isn’t referred to as a “crowning glory” for nothing, the fact is that good hair is a blessing and where natural endowment falls short of the mark, stress and distress begin.

Nothing can mess with your mind like a mess on your head. That’s why we developed our Balance range. A set of fifteen products designed exclusively to give you the hair you desire – balancing Ayurveda treatments that gently purify, soothe, nourish and fortify your scalp and hair.

Our range offers customised solutions for every Dosha, providing answers to the typical hair raising problems you are likely to encounter based on whether you are Vatha, Pitha or Kapha.

So discover BALANCE and say goodbye to bad hair days. For good.

Balance Aromaveda

Our Aromaveda range offers 4 products for each Dosha, and it is recommended that you indulge yourself with all four of them since the combined effect is one that guarantees a successful and sustained result. Choose Neroli Jasmine for Vatha, Aloe Vera Watergrass for Pitha and Sandalwood Vetiver for Kapha.

100% Organic Gotukola

Scientifically proven to help increase the body’s resistance to stress such as trauma, anxiety and fatigue, this traditional Ayurvedic herb is the powerful cornerstone of the oils within our Balance range. Our organic Gotukola is sourced from the Gampaha region in Sri Lanka and comes to us absolutely fresh and untainted.

100% Fresh and Home Grown Virgin Coconut

Found in Balance massage oils, conditioners and oil mists, Virgin Coconut also forms the basis for many of our other products. And the reason is no surprise – Virgin Coconut oil has been scientifically proven to be naturally anti bacterial and rich in natural vitamin nutrients essential for health and well being. Our 100% pure oil comes to us from organic farms in Sri Lanka’s fertile ‘coconut triangle’.