CEYLON ELEPHANT ALOE WATER GRASS - Aromaveda Natural Candle 50g

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The Aloe Watergrass blend is a fusion of Lavender, Peppermint & patchouli essential oils with natural compounds. The blend gently infuses your living spaces with the power of aromaveda to soothe, calm & pacify your body, mind & soul.
A 100% natural vegetable wax candle is enriched with a fragrant blend of essential oils inspired by the forest habitat of the Majestic Ceylon Elephant. Long-burning candle lights for over 6 hours, gently infusing your living spaces with captivating natural aromas. Carefully blended & hand poured, to ensure precious natural properties of the essential oils are present in every candle.

The Majestic Ceylon Elephant is under threat of extinction due to loss of its natural habitat & the resultant human- elephant conflict in Sri Lanka. By purchasing this product, you donate 10% of the purchase price towards SPA CEYLON elephant conservation initiatives.

For Best Results: Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each use.

* Pareben Free
* Paraffin Free
* 100% Vegetarian
* Alcohol Free
* Not Tested On Animals
* Promotes Sustainable Harvesting
* Supports Community Fair Trade
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Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each use.
Keep Candle away from dust & dirt.
Avoid lighting in windy areas.
Store candle away from direct sunlight.
Keep candle glass lid closed when not in use.
Special Notes
* Do not leave burning candle unattended.
* Keep away from things that catch fire.
* Keep away from children & pets.
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More Information
* Soya & Palm Wax based natural candle enriched with natural essential oils & natural fragrance compunds.
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Tridosha - Suitable for all Dosha
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